How one person can make a BIG difference

I have just returned from a short holiday and I would like to share with you an example of how one person can turn a satisfactory customer experience into a great customer experience.

From time to time I come across a super star and in many cases they are the least likely who take on this role

In this case the persons name is Toby and he is the groundsman at the resort we stayed at.

Toby’s job is to clean the pool, rake the leaves and maintain the grounds, however, Toby has taken it upon himself to adopt another role, one he enjoys and one he is extremely good at.

Toby’s other role is children’s entertainment and education officer and he carries this role out while cleaning the pool and raking leaves and the kids love it.

From showing them how to catch crabs for fish bait and then how to catch a fish, to how to get the milk from a coconut, to making a yacht complete with sails from the shell, Toby always has time for any request.

I’m not sure how he does it, with all these interruption the grounds always looked immaculate and nothing was too much trouble for Toby who always has a smile.

The disappointing thing for me is that in most cases the Toby’s of business are rarely recognised for the value they add to the business and the customer experience.

One of the important components of a consistently great customer experience is having the right people in the right positions. In this case the resort has gained a double whammy, a great groundsman and a gentleman with a fantastic outgoing personality who is committed to ensuring all guest really enjoy their stay at the resort.

There are any number of resorts we could have stayed at, however I’m not sure they would have had a Toby, I’m please we picked the one we did not for the room or the pool and other facilities but for the fact that I got to witness a super star in action, thanks Toby.