Going For Gold in 2015

Welcome to 2015. I trust you have some inspirational goals in place for this year.

Around the middle of last year we were facilitating workshops and seminars across a number of industries around the country.

I noticed that an increasing number of businesses attending these events were talking to me about their goals for the development of their customer experience. One goal that came up most often was to “exceed customers’ expectations”

What inspired me the most about the businesses that had this goal was the fact that they understood that in an increasingly competitive and commoditized world just meeting customers’ expectations is no longer going to cut it.

Our Total Focus For 2015

Motivated by this I have put together a plan that will have our total focus around the strategy required to consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

As I’m sure you are aware, there is no point in having a goal without a clear plan as to how that goal will be achieved

Unfortunately not everyone understands this and a goal like this very quickly becomes a “nice to have” but in many team members minds just a pipe dream.

I feel the one big thing holding businesses back when it comes to putting in place a goal like “exceeding customers’ expectations” is that as customers we are not having our expectations exceeded that often. That should be a good enough reason to put in place a plan that will clearly distance a business from the rest.

On the flip side we all know that on the rare occasion where it has happened, we still remember how it made us feel, how many people we told and how many times we have returned to that business.

Our Plan for 2015

Our plan is to share the information required to consistently perform at this level with as many businesses as possible through my business speaking, business seminars, webinars and highly interactive workshops.

Let’s face it there is nothing like a customer’s face lighting up when you deliver an experience that was totally unexpected or you have anticipated a need before they even realised they had a need.

I look forward to sharing our expertise with you this year so that your team have more smiling faces across your counter.

Happy New Year

Chris Bell

Customer Experiences