Which of these two goals do you have for your business?

In my experience most businesses have one of these two goals –

1) To try and keep up with their competitors


2) To come up with strategies that will continually distance themselves from the competition

Unfortunately most have decided to continually struggle to keep up and in many cases fall short resulting in frustration and a negative future outlook.

The great news for those that are struggling to stand out from the crowd is they now have the opportunity to develop a competitive advantage that will become sustainable i.e. difficult for competitors to copy.

Yes it does require a long-term commitment, time and energy but it’s worth it. Today we work in highly competitive markets where sustainability has become very much a pipe dream.

Businesses that have adopted option two as part of their development understand that “walking in the customers’ shoes” will only allow them to keep up, yes, they do understand the importance of knowing how the customer perceives their current experience but the majority of their focus is on how they can add even greater value to their future customer experience.

Anticipating customers’ future needs is a skill that requires not only a clear understanding of current needs but also a close understanding of what customers will value in the future. Far too often businesses come up with products and services that are not seen by the customer as adding value and therefore are not supported.

And yes you did read it right I did say we are talking about a sustainable outcome. In most cases your competitors can copy your products and or services if they see you gaining market share. However there are three things within a customer experience development strategy that they find difficult to copy-

1) A totally committed and supportive leadership

2) A team and customer focused culture that results from that leadership

3) Fully engaged and supportive people

Which goal do you have for your business?

Chris Bell