Is the Focus Really on Your Customers

There is still this idea in business that to deliver more customer value you need to ask your customers what else they want.

The fact is that your customers don’t know what else they want. Think back to the start of the rapid advances in technology and what that now allows us to do.

Would we as customers have had any idea that the value we have gained from these advances was possible back then?

I like this quote from Daniel Burrus bestselling Author and innovation expert- “Give your customers the ability to do what they can’t currently do, but would if they knew it was possible”

At Customer Experiences this is our focus. Many businesses don’t know that a quality customer experience strategy delivers a sustainable competitive advantage, higher employee engagement, more powerful customer word of mouth recommendations and the ability to capitalise on your teams’ creativity.

A Temkin Group customer experience survey found that 80 percent of respondents from corporate organisations understood the benefits of a customer experience strategy however only 13 percent knew how to develop such a strategy within their organisations.

A recent iStart- Microsoft survey found that 80 percent of us have taken our business elsewhere because of bad experiences and a third using social media to vent their frustration.

And from the same survey 80 percent of business leaders surveyed believe that NZ business had an average to poor approach to customer satisfaction.

For those businesses that would like to adopt a greater focus on their customer experience as a way of differentiating themselves from competitors Customer Experiences has just launched a unique free customer experience development programme