Find Out If My Expectations Have Been Exceeded……..

Over the last few weeks we have been busy relocating from the South Island to the central North Island.

As you can imagine during this time we have interacted with a large number of businesses including Lawyers, removal companies, insurance, motels, the Cook Strait ferry, real estate companies, airports, airlines, power and Telco companies to name just a few.

This event has given me a great opportunity to evaluate the customer experience performance (from a customer’s perspective) of a large number of service providers in a short period of time.

The good news is that many of these organisations met our expectations. The not so good news is that a number didn’t meet our expectations and only one exceeded those expectations.

Our Insurance company FMG has been outstanding during what is seen as one of life’s more stressful events.

Nothing has been too much trouble for the FMG team; in fact they have gone out of their way to make the process as stressless as possible. It’s a shame some of the other providers had not adopted the same approach.

If you are not currently receiving the high level of experience with your current insurance provider I would like to take this opportunity to high recommend FMG.

I today’s highly competitive world just meeting customers’ expectations is no longer enough. Customers don’t recommend businesses that just meet expectations, exceeding expectations is now the goal.

In 2015 business must realise that in a world of excess, uniformity and repetition, people buy experiences, not products or services. When people feel good about their experiences, they will not only return but will tell their friends and many others via social media.

Watch out for our next “Exceeding Customers Expectations” workshop


Chris Bell is the Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in the development of high quality customer experiences.

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