Finally Business is Getting It…

Finally Business is Starting to Get It

It’s interesting that we have had two recent articles in the Christchurch Press focusing on changing culture within business……..

I believe there is no doubt if you want to improve employee engagement, productivity and the quality of your customer experience, leadership must act differently to the traditional hierarchy that currently exists.

The culture of an organisation comes from its leadership. “Talking the talk” will not do it. To gain the involvement of your team “walking the walk”, is vital.

I agree with HCL Technologies CEO Vineet Naylor when he announced that HCL would now be an “employee first, customer second” organisation.

A customer experience strategy will never be successful unless your people are enjoying the same great experience you are asking them to deliver to your customers.

We believe that this strategy applies to both the private and public sectors and Government departments should be looking more closely at what is starting to happen in the area within the private sector.

Chris Bell – Managing Director Customer Experiences Ltd