Is a lack of team engagement affecting your business performance?

It’s your people that will be the difference between the customer service you are delivering and that of your competitors. If that difference is going to determine where a customer does business next time they need your products or services, then your priority must be your people. If your people see that they are your priority, they will ensure that your customers are their priority.

Find out how you can gain total engagement from your team and stand your business out from your competitors’……

Are you having difficulty attracting the right people to deliver your customer service experience?

Business leaders understand the importance of having the right people to deliver their experience. The fact is that good people want to work with organizations that are both focused on them and their customers and the reality is that those businesses are not easy to find. A large percentage of employees go to work everyday disengaged and believe me disengaged employees don’t deliver consistent quality customer experiences.

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Customer service is the new sales. Is your sales team focused on the quality of your service delivery?

In today’s highly competitive and commoditised market your customers are looking for more than just your products and services. Your customers will be evaluating your performance right across all your customer touch points including the quality of customer service.

Find out how your front-line and sales team can deliver consistent quality service that drives more sales

Service is the new marketing- Is your business delivering on its marketing promise or are you just talking the talk?

We are trying to market to an increasingly marketing savvy customer a customer who has been over promised and under delivered many times. Everyday we are bombarded as customers with price and the deal as the only competitive advantage a business can come up with in an increasingly commoditized world. As customers we are over this approach; our expectations now are for both the deal and the service.

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