Exceeding Customers Expectations a Must to stay Competitive in 2015

Not long ago in a less competitive and commoditised world the goal for many businesses was to “meet customers’ expectations”

Those organisations that had this as their goal committed to ensuring they could consistently deliver on their marketing promise. They developed processes, systems and service levels that delivered this outcome.

The difficulty in the adoption of this goal was that once competitors’ saw that as a result of having their expectations met customer loyalty grew it became increasing expensive to try and lure customers back.

So they adopted the same goal and very soon they too where meeting customers’ expectations resulting in the creation of what we call “the world of sameness” a world made up of predominantly copies and followers.

In today’s highly competitive and commoditised market just meeting customers’ expectations is no longer a viable goal. The bar has been raised. Exceeding customers’ expectations is what is now required to stand out from the crowd and business is struggling with this challenge.

Our customer experience development strategy was created to give business the opportunity to perform at this new level and as a result distance themselves from their competitors https://customerexperiences.co.nz/ced-customer-experience-development

In 2015 business must realise that in a world of excess, uniformity and repetition, people buy experiences, not products or services. When people feel good about their experiences, they will not only return but will tell their friends and many others via social media.


Chris Bell is the Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in the development of high quality customer experiences.

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