Who Exceeded My Expectations This Week

As part of our 2015 commitment to work with forward thinking businesses to develop a strategy that will see their customers’ expectations consistently exceeded I will be posting regular short cases studies of my own experiences regarding business performance and how they rated against my expectations.

Tips & Suggestions

As part of these studies I will identify areas where a business performed extremely well and areas where they let themselves down. I will also be suggesting things that could have been done to create a significantly more positive impact on my expectation and experience.

Your Input would be much appreciated

I would also like your feedback regarding the experiences you may have had with the same organisation, remembering that there are very few experiences we have where we don’t have a very clear expectation as to what will happen and how it will happen.

Things to keep in mind

• Customers have varying expectations and those expectations can differ from day to day depending on their circumstances.

• Small things can have a big impact like remembering my name or what I purchased on my last visit for example.

• Customers form their expectations from different sources i.e. brand marketing, word of mouth, a previous visit

• A brand with multiple branches will not always deliver a consistent experience.

Keep an eye out for my first “Who exceeded my expectations this week”.

Best regards

Chris Bell

Customer Experience Coach