Employee Loyalty Leads to Customer Loyalty

You can’t have one without the other

If your people are employed on the basis of skill only, they will probably be able to deliver interactions efficiently, but they will be unable to deliver great experiences. If they don’t bring their personal commitment and passion to their work, their execution will lack the most important and differentiating factor, the one factor that creates great customer experiences; passion.

Skills can be taught. Attitude and passion are inherent in people. They can be nurtured but not created. You must hire people on the basis of their personal connection to your cause and core experience. If they love what they do, they will catch up on the skills quickly. If they are not personally connected to your world and experiences and find no fulfillment in them they will fail, despite their skills.

It is easy to ask for passionate employees, attracting them, though is a more difficult task. To reach and attract passionate people, you need to supply them with a good reason, a reason that will add meaning to their lives and not just utilize them to process interactions.

Most companies fail to recognise this critical factor. At the core of the ability to attract passionate people is a compelling employee experience that makes them want to connect and relate.

The employee experience is directly linked to the customer experience. For organisations seeking action and not just slogans, the path to customer experience excellence starts with an amazing employee experience.

Your people want to feel as if they are making an impact instead of just processing papers. They want to know their work is important. To achieve these additional goals, beyond the basic need to put food on the table, your people are seeking a way to connect with a mission and to make a difference.

Reengineering an employee experience is about unleashing the great power and potential within your people. It is about making them want to give their best and create amazing customer experiences. It is ultimately about nurturing, not management. Remember, your people follow the lead, they pay less attention to what you say and more attention to what you do.

The employees experience is the path to customer experiences. One cannot happen without the other. Do not fall into the old shortcut trap. Providing great employee experiences is a wonderful way to demonstrate to your people the type of customer experiences you are seeking to deliver.

Create a great experience for your people, and they will take care of the rest.

Chris Bell is managing director of Customer Experiences; a company that specialises in helping businesses improve the way in which they interact with customers and clients. Click here to contact us.