Employee Disengagement Increases

Results from a Right Management survey backs up what we have been warning for the last seven years. Disengagement levels are increasing; a massive 68 percent of non managers are disengaged while business leaders are more engaged than they have ever been.

The level of employee disengagement has increased significantly since Right Managements last survey in 2009.

This research matches what we are finding in many businesses we evaluate and the results show clearly in productivity levels and customer experience performance. Disengaged employees don’t deliver consistent quality customer experiences.

The leadership skills required to create and lead an employee and customer centric culture are what is missing and until directors and senior managers understand this we will continue to see more negative results from this type of research.

What is incredibly frustrating for us and others that work in the business consulting field is that senior industry leaders think they are doing are fantastic job. This results in high levels of complacency and a readiness to quickly blame others

The fact is that low levels of productivity, high staff and customer turnover and the high cost of acquiring new customers in a increasingly competitive economy is holding both individual businesses and the country back.

We see the highest levels of employee disengagement in both local and central government departments followed by operationally focused export businesses, in many retail and service sector businesses and across our tourism industry.

It’s clear that leadership does not understand that they are responsible for creating the organisations culture and the culture they create is reflected both in the attitude and engagement levels of the people that actually do the work and ultimately the quality of experience the customer receives at the front counter.

It no surprise therefore that as customers we are not having many great experiences at the front counter and our loyalty levels reflect this.



Chris Bell is the Managing Director of Customer Experiences a business committed to building successful businesses through the development of high quality customer experiences. www.customerexperiences.co.nz 027 2792360 chris@customerexperiences.co.nz