Why Don’t They Get It?

This week has thrown up yet another example of out of date business thinking and actions around the improvement of an organisations customer experience

I received a call from a CEO this week. He was very frustrated that the actions they were trying to put in place to improve their customer experience were not working in fact they were receiving more customer complaints and treats to leave than they were before they started their improvement plan.

What was going on?

The short answer was they did not understand this simple fact “your people support what they create”

There approach had been for the management team to develop their customer experience strategy, present it to the people responsible for its delivery, provide any required skill development in a very ad hock way and think that the job was done.


The result was a customer experience that had been developed by people that had very little direct interaction with customers, had not listened to feedback from the front-line team, had misinterpreted the small amount of feedback they had received from customers and had an attitude that they knew it all. The result a complete disaster.

The damage this Management team has done goes way beyond complaining customers, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Put a dollar value on just these few areas

1) Increased team disengagement impacting productivity

2) Increased staff turnover

3) Difficulty in attached the right people

4) Increased customer churn

5) Negative customer & staff word of mouth

6) A them & us culture

The way we approach the development of an organisations customer experience is very much based on these two facts:-

1) The most important factor in business success is “the choice your people make everyday regarding the quality of customer experience they deliver” The complete focus of our programme is to ensure that those choices are the right ones every time with every customer.

2) Every person involved with the organization plays a role in the experience that’s delivered at the front counter. Therefore must have involvement in any customer experience development programme. The result of that involvement ensures their commitment, support and an experience that customers embrace as a value added rather than just an attempted at making them feel good.