Don’t Tell Me I’m Important……

Be Up Front

There is nothing more damaging to a brand than a marketing message that continually tells customers how important they are to the company and then the company consistently delivers a customer experience that doesn’t get anywhere near that feeling of importance.

I have had that experience recently as a customer. I rang a call centre the other day regarding some information I needed to pay my account.

After holding for 35 minutes I finally got to speak to someone and got the information I needed.

Was this unacceptable wait time just a one off? No 30-40 minutes that day was the average wait time. Guess how important I was feeling?

Its how we feel

Here is the irritating bit. While checking that my experience was just not a one of, I rang the sales call centre number and guess what my wait time was only 5 minutes.

Who are the most important people in that companies world based on that evaluation?


More businesses are talking about striving to exceed their customers’ expectations. This focus is key to our customer experience strategy.

To exceed your customers’ expectations you must understand what those expectations are and in the case of my  experience thirty five minutes was a long way off.

Let Your Customer Experience Do the Talking

In this highly competitive and commoditised world customers are far more wary of businesses that continue to put out these false messages.

Today’s savvy organisations are letting their experience performance do the talking and to do that they are investing in the on-going development of their unique customer experience.

Chris Bell