Don’t Ask Me To Fix Your Business………

Customers are sick and tired of being phone right on dinner time, stopped in the street when they are running late, or having cards thrust in front of them as they check out of a hotel and asked to complete yet another survey.

We are well and truly over the novelty of completing surveys and the main reason for this is………

“Nobody acts on the information we provide and actually does something about the issues we have raised”.

Here is the message from two of New Zealand’s top business advisors….

“Stop continually annoying your customers by asking them to complete surveys unless you are totally committed to acting on the results”

Ray Sleeman and Chris Bell have pooled their knowledge, expertise and resources to develop the “Customer Experience Tracker”

The Customer Experience Tracker is a toolkit that allows businesses to easily gain an accurate evaluation of how their customers feel about their current customer experience performance and how employees feel about their workplace. It includes an ongoing strategic approach to continual improvement, greater customer loyalty and word of mouth recommendation, a reduction in operating costs, increases in employee engagement that results in improved productivity and ultimately a more profitable and valuable business.

The ability to benchmark within an industry has always been difficult (especially for tourism), resulting in businesses not really knowing how they are performing. The Customer Experience Tracker will change that. Not only will a business be able to easily establish their own score, they will be able to compare that score against their competitors and other sectors. The benchmarking ability will help to raise the performance of an industry’s customer experience resulting in benefits for all those participating businesses.

One major difference between Customer Experience Tracker and other business improvement plans is that a vital part of the programme is a strategy that necessitates the continual improvement of a businesses customer experience, against the score.

This discipline of continually looking for ways to add greater value to the customer experience becomes a part of a business’s DNA. All customer feedback is acted on and where possible this will be communicated to customers who have provided the feedback.

Its part of a programme called the “Generator” designed to capitalise on customer feedback and the creativity of all employees

Businesses that commit to the Customer Experience Tracker are committing to not only listening to feedback from employees and customers, but where possible finding a way to act on this feedback and ideas by using a system that in some cases involves everyone in the organisation.

There is nothing more powerful that a business can do to grow employee and customer loyalty than to act on their feedback and recognise those that have contributed.

Next time you are asked to give feedback or complete a survey, you ask the first question…”is this part of The Customer Experience Tracker programme”?

For further information mb 027 2792360