How do you develop your customer experience?


Here are 7 steps to help:-

Step one – Gaining total commitment

Without total commitment your customer experience will only deliver limited success at best.

My number one tip is your people must fully understand what a customer experience is, why it’s important to your business and their future and the part they will play in its development and delivery.

Step Two- Aligning your vision with your customer experience

It’s important that everyone understands the part your customer experience strategy will play in moving your organisation towards its vision.

My top tip is you continually communicate your vision to everyone involved with your business and clearly show how any business development opportunity is aligned with that vision.

Step Three – Defining your customer experience

Clearly defining the experience you will consistently deliver to your customers will put you up with less than one percent of businesses.

My tip is that you involve all your team in this process- involvement = engagement

Step Four – Mapping your customer experience

This is the first step in getting everyone within your business more customer focused.

My top tip is that you start this process by mapping the experience you have with another business as a customer. This will start to get everyone in more of a customer centric mode.

Step Five- Writing measurable service standards

Once you have identified key customer touch points in your mapping exercise. Take each point and write a standard for that point.

My top tip is to make sure your standards are in alignment with your defined customer experience, consistency is the key.

Step six – Measuring your customer experience

It’s vital that your team know how they are performing. Measuring your customer experience ensures that you are getting feedback direct from your customers.

My top tip is that all customer feedback is communicated to all team members.

Step seven – On-going development

Keeping the development of your customer experience going is the key to growing both team and customer loyalty.

My tip is that you involve both your customers and your team in this process. Remember that encouraging creativity from within your team will be a significant competitive advantage.

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