Deliver a Better Customer Experience or We Will Go Elsewhere…

The recent RightNow survey found that 61 percent of New Zealanders removed their business from companies whose service didn’t meet their expectations.

Business must understand that due to the incredible amount of choice customers now have in an increasingly commoditised market, delivering an ordinary customer experience will result in increased costs as customers look for a better experience according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in the evaluation and development of high quality customer experiences and founding Director of CEMNZ a professional body dedicated to promoting, encouraging and supporting excellence in customer care.

Bell has identified a lack of customer experience development expertise as the key reason customers are not receiving better service and experiences.

There is no lack of understanding in business as to the benefits of delivering a consistent high quality customer experience according to Bell the frustration from both customers and front-line employees is coming from the lack of action to addresses this vital area of business performance.

To improve business knowledge and expertise in this vital area Bell has developed a unique two day programme called Customer Experience Development (CED) designed to give customer experience managers the methodology and skills to put in place a long-term customer experience strategy.

Bell said the 3 stage programme will be available via both public and in-house workshops and includes on-going support as participants work through the development process.

Research confirms that companies that provide exceptional service have a strong competitive advantage. Customers are prepared to pay higher prices, make additional purchases, are more loyal and recommend the business to others. All of this can be worth millions of dollars to the local economy.

Exceptional service is harder to attain than ever before. Current research shows that customers expect better service from the companies they deal with yet overwhelmingly believe they are getting service that is no better, or even worse. This leaves customers feeling underserved, resentful and angry and businesses blaming the economy for their poor financial results.

Of course, organisations that understand this see a huge opportunity and are taking advantage of it by developing a quality customer experience that stands them out from competitors and gives them a sustainable competitive advantage.

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