Customers Will Get Better Service…….

There is light at the end of the tunnel if business takes advantage of a new resource designed to give customer service managers and business owners the skills to develop and implement their own high quality customer experience strategy.

New Zealand’s leading customer experience expert and managing director of Customer Experiences Ltd. Chris Bell has just launched Customer Experience Development (CED) with one goal – to increase business performance by delivering better service and experiences that add greater value for the customer.

Bell said the old approach of sending front-line employees to a customer service training workshop and thinking that was going to make the difference, is clearly not working for a number of reasons the major one being the lack of commitment to a complete strategy not just a “quick fix”.

Bell has been working with New Zealand companies developing high quality customer experiences since the launch of Customer Experiences Ltd in 2004 and said the reason for the customer experience approach was a direct result of seeing the customer service training workshop approach not delivering the promised outcomes.

Bell said that front-line skill development was a key part of the customer experience strategy but is only carried out once an organisation has defined the experience they will deliver and written service standards to ensure the consistency of performance. It’s only then that areas of skill development are addressed and measurements put in place.

Bell said it was clear in a recent survey that business does understand the advantages of a high quality customer experience to their business. The challenge is that only 13 percent said they knew how to put such a strategy in place. CED has now given business the opportunity to up skill a key person within an organisation to lead the development and implementation.

The advantages clearly outweigh the investment both for the business and customers including increased employee & customer loyalty and word of mouth recommendations, the ability to capitalise on the ideas within an organisation, lower marketing and recruitment costs and the ability to attract more of the right people, to name just a few.

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