When customer’s talk about you today, the world listens

Positive word of mouth is today most powerful form of advertising. Negative word of mouth can put you under.

At a dinner recently the power of customer word of mouth really hit home. A couple at the table had recently returned from a holiday in Fiji.

Everyone was keen to know how it had gone. The very first comment was about the resorts poor quality food.

We heard about the food experience in considerable detail and I would be surprised if everyone at the table had not made a mental note to avoid that particular resort if contemplating a trip to Fiji.

It was some time before we got to hear about the fantastic boat trip and the great snorkel diving that was part of the deal.

What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

Often we tend to forget just how powerful customer word of mouth is in today’s social media world.

We know that customers are far more likely to talk about a negative experience than a good one. We also know that a high percentage of people hearing about the experience will automatically rule that business out as a result.

On the flip side research has shown that 89 percent of us will react positively to a customer recommendation. This includes a recommendation from someone we personally don’t know.

Exceeding Customers Expectations

The two main goals behind our customer experience development programme are –

1) Exceeding customers expectations

2) Growing Customer Loyalty

The fact is that one leads to the other. Trying to achieve these two outcomes without a proven strategy is in our opinion  a waste of time and resource.

I look forward at our next group dinner to be hearing guests raving about and recommending your business.

Chris Bell