Customers Not Speaking Up

I was shopping at The Warehouse yesterday for a coffee plunger I destroyed at breakfast that morning.

I very quickly found the replacement and made my way to the check out only to find as I approached that there were only two check -outs open out of six available and the queues were already down the isles and I was in a hurry to get to my next appointment.

I spend I fair amount of my time observing customers so I took the opportunity to spend a few minutes in the queue just observing. It was clear from the body language that not one was happy with the size of the queue but no one was doing anything about it.

So I took the intuitive and found the check- out manager who had no idea the queues had build up to that extent and in two minutes had all the check -outs open and operating.

Now here is the thing. As customers I think we have an obligation in some instances to make our expectations clear. My expectation was that I would be served quickly and efficiently. It was clear that my expectations were not going to be met unless I did something about it, I did and got serve straight away.

The lesson I share is this – I didn’t lose my cool. I simple very quickly located the appropriate person and pointed out the issue. Once they understood the situation they very professionally swung into action and very quickly customers were back to a short queue time.

I’m sure now the check-out manager will be paying closer attention to check out queues and I would like to think that one of the check out operators will be encouraged to raise the alarm if queues start building again.

Remember as a customer its ok to speak up in a professional manner if your expectations are not being met. I’m sure a business would prefer that rather than seeing you vent your frustration to all your friend on Face book.