Customer Promoter or Customer Detractor?

In today’s highly competitive world businesses have a choice and that choice is becoming a vital factor for future business success.

The choice is very simple and the good news is that more businesses understand why this choice is so important right now.

Here is the choice-

  • Develop a team and customer experience strategy that will consistently deliver a quality, continually improving experience for both parties. Or
  • Continue to try and compete in a world of copiers and followers where inconsistency drives a lack of team engagement and customer loyalty.

We are all aware of the increasing power of customer recommendation and how much more powerful it has become over marketing.

We are also highly aware of the power customers have when their expectations have not been meet and they rapidly become detractors.

I could bombard you with statistics to back up these choices but I think we have seen them all before.

So the choice is yours all I can do is to encourage you to think very carefully before making the choice because number one choice must be a long-term commitment to both your team and customers and number two is going to be costly and frustrating.

All the best

Chris Bell

CX development consultant