Customer Experience Strategy Includes Everyone

Total Involvement is Vital

One of the reasons businesses are not gaining the rewards from the customer experience development programmes is the failure to involve everyone in the strategy development

Total involvement is a key part of our unique Customer Experience development programme and that includes suppliers.

In many organisations supplies can make or break a consistently delivered quality customer experience.

How many times have you heard from a business that the reason they can’t help right now is because they are waiting for a supplier to deliver.

Getting Your Suppliers Involved

CRT Fuel is an organisation I have worked with that clearly understood the importance of total involvement.

CRT Fuel had contracted out its fuel delivery. However in there customer experience mapping they clearly identified that the delivery drivers had more one-on-one direct contact with their customers than anyone in the company and therefore those drivers needed to be a part of their customer experience strategy.

At a company conference where all contract drivers were invited a driver was elected to the customer experience development team.

At the first customer experience development team meeting that driver added more value to the development process than anyone else in the room.

We find that when suppliers become part of the customer experience development process they not only clearly understand the companies commitment to its customers, they contribute and come up with better ways of ensuring they play their role in the overall customer experience performance.

The Value of an Outside-in Perspective

Just one more advantage that I have witnessed on many occasions, suppliers represented on the customer experience development team can bring an outside- in view of your customer experience.

I have also witnessed the creativity that can come from people not employed by the organisation but involved in supplying goods and services to the business.

Chris Bell

Managing Director