A Customer Experience Strategy Does Not Fix Everything

Some businesses are beginning to think that the adoption of a customer experience strategy is the new miracle cure for all business woes.

Sadly this is not the case. To help make it clear we have listed the issues that a customer experience does positively influence:-

• Lack of sales

• Increased competition

• Pressure on prices

• High employee disengagement

• High staff turnover

• Low productivity

• Increase in customer complaints

• A lack of customer loyalty

• Inconsistent customer service performance

• A lack of customer recommendation

• No sustainable competitive advantage


The three key issues that we believe are having the greatest impact on business performance are high employee disengagement, a lack of customer loyalty and low levels of productivity

It’s important to note that a Customer Experience strategy is about far more than just customer facing interactions.

Everything that happens within a business will have some impact on the eventual experience delivered at the front counter.

Once organisations understand this and the financial ramifications’ the decision to embark on the development journey is a far easier one to make

One of the real challenges holding many organisations back from developing their unique customer experience is the lack of knowledge and expertise.

To address this Customer Experiences has developed an affordable online customer experience development program complete with full expert support as a business works through the steps. www.customerexperiences.co.nz