Customer Experience Predictions

Chris Bell, New Zealand's Leading Customer Experience Development Expert

Chris predicted in 2003 that Customer Experience would overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. This has been backed up by the recent Customer 2020 Report.

Chris works with business leaders to create a team and customer focused culture as the foundation for a successful, long-term customer experience strategy. His strategic approach is based on this key formula.

Although the rapid development of technology will increasingly control our lives and provide more digital and virtual experiences, quality human contact will become even more important.

When front-line skill development is done without a team and customer-centric culture, the skill development itself has very little impact on changing team performance - and ultimately little impact on improving the quality and consistency of the customer experience.

Chris has developed his unique 7 step customer experience development programme around “your people support what they create” ... Involvement = Engagement.

Chris has identified “The Single Most Important Factor for Business Success”:

It’s the choice team members make everyday regarding the quality of customer experience they deliver” His commitment to clients is to ensure that choice is the right one, every time, with every customer.