What is the Customer Experience you have committed to deliver?

I am continually asking this question in my evaluation process and guess what I am continually getting a wide variation of answers.

One of the main reasons we are receiving inconsistent customer experiences when dealing with most businesses is the lack of a defined customer experience statement that everyone associated with the organisation is committed to deliver.

What is a Customer Experience Statement? (CES)

The CES is the focal point of a customer experience programme. A CES guides team members in all areas of the business how to approach the decisions they make every day that drive customer loyalty and customer retention. It guides the decision-making necessary to take a business one step closer to creating a quality, consistently delivered customer experience.

Without a clearly defined CES, everyone does what they think is the right thing, which leads to overlapping priorities and gaps in the experience. This can result in lost opportunities and increased costs.

How a CES is developed is a key part of our unique Customer Experience development programme. Find out more by visiting www.customerexperiences.co.nz