What is a Customer Experience?

It’s a question that’s being asked more often these days now that the term is being used more frequently and in many different contexts.

This is the way we define the term:-

“A customer experience is a blend between a businesses physical performance and the way a customer feels about that performance based on their expectations across all touch points”

I’ve highlighted a few words in this definition. So let me clarify

A blend means that it’s not just about what you deliver by way of a product or service but how you deliver them.

I am sure I’m not the only one that that has received the right product or service from an organisation that was not very pleasant to deal with and I certainly have had plenty of experiences from organisations that where fantastic to deal with however their product or service left a lot to be desired.

When an organisation gets this blend consistently right we start talking about them in terms of “great” customer experiences.


Research has shown that in many experiences we have as a customer up to fifty percent of the experience is emotional, its how we felt.

It’s vital that business understand the important part emotion plays in a customer experience. We certainly understand from both a business and a customer’s perspective what happens emotionally when a customer is not happy.

Customer Expectations

There are few business interactions we go into where we don’t have an expectation as to what will or should happen during that interaction. Understanding those customer expectations is key to the delivery of a consistent quality experience.


Touch Points

A touch point is any point where a customer touches an organisation and from that touch forms an opinion of that organisation.

A customer experience strategy is built on identifying those important customer touch points and ensuring that what’s consistently delivered exceeds your customer’s expectations.

I trust that helps to clarify