Customer Ex Online

Customer Experience Development Program

Providing Your Business With a Sustainable Future

In a competitive environment, ensuring that your customers are satisfied is essential in the sustainability and future growth of your business; no matter the size or industry. The Customer Experience Development Program will provide you with a hands on experience to develop a customer strategy that can be implemented within your business that delivers tangible results.

Unlike other online courses or development programs, this program will work through the process one step at a time, with instructional videos to assist you on your journey. Furthermore, there are prompts to add information into boxes which will work towards developing your own customer experience strategy. Once the course is complete, this information will be collated and downloaded as a PDF customer strategy which can now be implemented within your business.

And don’t think you are alone in this journey … Managing Director and creator of Customer Ex Development Program, Chris Bell, is here to guide you through the process with live chat and email support available when and where you need it. So whats holding you back from delivering exceptional customer experiences and gaining competitive advantage for your business ….


Benefits of our Customer Experience development Program

  • Learn and Develop Your Customer Experience Strategy in a time and place that is suitable for you

  • Have access to one of the world’s leading Customer Experience Specialists who will guide you through the process

  • Develop a Strategy that will define the future success of your business

  • Gain Skills and Knowledge that will enable you to Drive Business Profitability

  • See real improvements in Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance

  • Utilise the development program as an effective tool for developing staff skills

  • Better serve your Business by better serving your Customers