Computer Food NZ- the online Customer Experience

This is another example of the power of word of mouth.

I happened to be grumbling about needing some more ink cartridges for our printer one day when a friend suggested I just order them online from Computer Food. I reminding him that it was 3.30pm and an Auckland based company was not going to get ink cartridges to me in Christchurch by first thing the next morning if I ordered this late in the day – wrong!

Those cartridges were on my doorstep before 7am the next morning AND they cost me much less than the products I had been buying locally.

In the customer experience world we continually talk about consistency as a key driver of any great customer experience. This is an organisation that not only delivers consistency; it delivers value, a smile and a genuine appreciation of our business, EVERYTIME.

Welcome Computer Food to the 1% Club. You continually impress us with your performance and your consistency.

Our recommendation is that if you are looking for office consumables go to and have the Computer Food experience.


Customer Experiences is proud to welcome Computer Food to the exclusive 1% Club. Click here to find out about more 1% Club members.

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