Chris Bell and the “World of Sameness”

He spent most of his sales/marketing/brand management career in the outdoor industry travelling the world and spending a lot of time in outdoor retail stores.
He quickly became very boring with what he now calls the “world of sameness”- been in one outdoor store you have pretty much been in them all.
At first he couldn’t work out why in an increasingly competitive market all businesses wanted to look the same until he discovered that the business world is mainly made up of copiers and followers.
A lack of innovation, creativity and a focus on finding the easy way were the clear motivators and the result has been a bored customer and marketers with only one possible competitive advantage to focus on- PRICE .
The result is that price is now losing its impact and customers now want price and more.
When developing his unique customer experience development programme he was totally focused on ensuring that innovation and creativity were a key part of a team and customer centric culture and to date this has played a major role in the success of the customer experience development programmes he has facilitated.
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