Choice Gives Customers More Power….

Excuse me you couldn’t recommend a company that fixes……… a recent Right Now customer survey found that 93 percent of us act on a customer’s recommendation over all other forms of advertising.

The question that many businesses find difficult to answer according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in the development of quality customer experiences is how many of their customers are recommending them?

If customer recommendation is so powerful why aren’t more businesses focusing on the development of their customer experience to ensure more customers recommend them, asks Bell.

The answer to these questions according to Chris Bell is that business is not aware just how marketing savvy customers have become regarding businesses that over promise and under deliver. To avoid more disappointment customers are increasingly relying on customer feedback and recommendation.

The second point is that most businesses would have no idea what their customers are saying about them good or bad because they have no measurement system in place.

Social media is certainly playing an important role in highlighting the power a customer’s voice now has. In a recent business evaluation attitudes changed and action was almost immediate when it was highlighted the damage a unhappy customer could do to the business via Face Book if the problem wasn’t sorted out to the customers satisfaction said Bell

In a highly competitive economy where customers are overwhelmed with choice business must understand the power has shifted. The standard has gone from just meeting customers’ expectations to now finding ways to exceed those expectations and the way to do that is to adopt and committed to developing a high quality consistently delivered customer experience.

Customer Experiences has made the process of developing a customer experience even easier through the release of a free customer experience development guide that includes a free 30 minute consultation with Chris Bell.

Chris Bell will be speaking and co-chairing this years national Customer Experience conference


Chris Bell is the Managing Director of Customer Experiences, a company committed to building successful businesses through the development of high quality customer experiences and co-founder of cemNZ 027 2792360