CET Customer Experience Tracker

CET Customer Experience Tracker

A unique and inclusive approach to gaining and acting on employee & customer feedback in a way that will have an on-going positive impact on business growth & profitability

 Business Survey & Data Collection- + -Measuring Results & Benchmarking -+ -Customer Improvement Strategy

Where Has Customer Experience Tracker Come From?

The frustration two of New Zealand’s top business advisors Ray Sleeman & Chris Bell were experiencing when they listened to the damage negative employee and customer word of mouth was doing to businesses, the staggering employee disengagement and productivity statistics that continually impact our OECD ranking, the lack of action that results from customer & employee feedback, the decline of employee & customer loyalty and the increasing ineffectiveness of most of today’s marketing spend, to name just a few. All impacting not only on the performance of individual businesses, but the country as a whole.

So rather than throwing up their hands and go fishing, Chris & Ray decided to do something about the situation, the result a unique approach to addressing these frustrations not with a “quick fix” band aid but with a long-term effective strategic approach to business growth & profitability.

How Does the Customer Experience Tracker Work?

The Customer Experience Tracker (CET) brings together the results from a common customer experience questionnaire that has been developed for specific industry sectors and enables performance comparison between businesses. It ‘Benchmarks’ the results to show trends over time, comparisons across sectors and regions and where your business sits in terms of best, worst and mean scores with similar businesses.


Customer Experience Tracker is the result of a chance meeting between two of New Zealand’s leading business advisors Ray Sleeman & Chris Bell and a common interest in a customer feedback methodology called Net Promoter Score (NPS)© developed by Fred Reichheld and its use in improving business performance through the continual development and improvement of a businesses employee and customer experience.

How Does NPS© Work?

Customer Experience Tracker has been made possible through the development of an international model called Net Promoter Score© used by a number of high profile overseas organisations in the airline, car rental, tourism, and medical industries and includes e-commerce based leaders like Amazon.com and e-bay and leading New Zealand companies including Air New Zealand, House of Travel, Westpac Bank and Beaurepairs

NPS© methodology is simple, quick and highly effective. Customers are only required to answer two questions-

  1. How likely are you to recommend company xxxx to a friend or colleague? on a scale of 0-10 and
  2. Why have you given that score?

Description of scores:

  • Promoters (score 9–10) are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fuelling growth.
  • Passives (score 7–8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings.
  • Detractors (score 0–6) are unhappy customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.

To evaluate a score, take the percentage of detractors away from the percentage of promoters and ignore satisfied customers. P-D=NPS©

The goal is to improve the score. It’s the third part of a holistic approach where participating businesses are encouraged to put in place a customer experience strategy, a proven strategic approach to the consistent delivery of a high quality customer experience.

The focus is to use the score and survey comments to move satisfied customers up to loyal promoters and to ensure new customers become promoters first time round.

US research clearly shows the relationship between a company’s score and its growth and profitability.

According to statistics released by Nielson Media research 83 percent of New Zealander’s surveyed relied on word of mouth recommendations over all other forms of advertising.

Just one example of Customer Experience Tracker in action…..

Mid Canterbury Mountain Bike Race Breaks New Ground

The Mayfield Lions Club, organisers of the extremely successful Mt Somers Classic Mountain Bike Race, are the first mountain bike race promoters in the country to use Customer Experience Tracker, a new event improvement resource, developed by two Christchurch business advisors Ray Sleeman & Chris Bell.

Using a new international survey methodology, the club was able to capture valuable feedback from 68 percent of the 640 competitors. The respondents gave the event an extremely high recommendation score of 70 percent as well as providing comments that have allowed race organisers to start working on improvements for next year’s event. Just to put that score in context top international companies like Apple and Amazon.com have around the same score.

Strong support for the race has enabled the Mayfield Lions to distribute $81,000 to Christchurch and Mid Canterbury organisations over the five years the race has been run. The Customer Experience Tracker has motivated the club to build on that support and to look at ways of ensuring an even better day out for all competitors and supporters. Details will be announced later in the year.

Survey results have also shown strong support from Christchurch riders keen to take the opportunity to ride over Mt Somers Station, an iconic Mid Canterbury property. The three course concept has been strongly supported by families and first time riders while still delivering a challenge for the more experienced riders.

Customer Experience Tracker has not only shown a high participant score and delivered valuable comments but has also provided vital demographics that will assist with more effective marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

One of the highlights of the race is the lunch provided, as part of the entry fee, to all riders. From comments received this is an added incentive to pick up the pace on the ride to avoid being too far back in the queue.

Organisers are looking forward to all competitors returning for next years race and wish to remind them that their participation results in greater support to the community.

The club is only too aware of the number of events that are now available to competitors throughout the year, hence the focus on continual development and innovation. A good lesson for all event organisers.

Customer Experience Tracker – Improving Performance through Customer Feedback

About Us

Chris & Ray’s focus with Customer Experience Tracker has been the same from the start and that is “To make a difference” through the adoption of the Customer Experience Tracker 3 step process. The uniqueness of Customer Experience Tracker is not in any single part of the system it’s in the inclusive approach, this combined with the skills, knowledge and expertise of Ray & Chris delivers a significant competitive advantage for businesses.

Ray Sleeman- Director The Tourism & Leisure Group Ltd


Ray has an MBA from the University of Canterbury and has spent the last 30 years in New Zealand working in the tourism industry. He was Director of the Christchurch Arts Centre and General Manager of the Christchurch Town Hall before developing a New Zealand based tourism and leisure consulting group for an international accounting firm. For the last 13 years Ray has owned and managed The Tourism & Leisure Group Limited. Ray’s concern is that as a country located a long way from many of its major markets, New Zealand must perform at the top of its game to attract the type of international visitor we require to maximise tourism’s economic potential. The Customer Experience Tracker is an important tool in helping us to understand our current performance and provide the means to improve the performance of individual businesses and the tourism industry as a whole.

Chris Bell- Director Customer Experiences Ltd


Chris Bell is the founder & Managing Director of Customer Experiences Ltd a Christchurch based business he established in 2004. Chris is a leading expert in the development of Customer Experience strategies.

Chris and his team work with a wide range of businesses in the development of unique customer experiences that result in a business’s sustainable competitive advantage.

To support the development of Customer Experiences, Chris has designed systems that business use in the development process including:-

• customerEXWORKs 7steps,

• E.D.S development system

• Game Plan.

Chris has recently introduced a unique programme called “The Generator” designed to capitalise on the creativity within an organisation.

Chris is the author of the soon to be published business book “The Great Kiwi Customer Experience” and is a sort after business media commentator and business conference speaker on the areas of customer service, customer experience, customer & employee focused leadership, customer focused business cultures, customer loyalty and business creativity.

Chris has spent 28 years of his career in the outdoor industry in sales, marketing and brand management roles with iconic brands like Fairydown Adventure, The Great Outdoors, Mountain Hardwear and Snowgum.

During this time Chris successfully established brands in major export markets including Japan, Germany, England and Australia as well as launching international brands and Franchises on to the New Zealand market.

Chris is a goal orientated business advisor and seminar presenter who is passionate about “making a difference” by motivating and developing the

skills of people in a way that will maximise business growth & profitability.

Contact details- chris@customerexperiences.co.nz mb 027 279236

ray.sleeman@tourismleisuregroup.co.nz mb 027 4317048


As you can see from the list of services below between Ray & Chris you can potentially benefit from a comprehensive range of business growth and development expertise.

All of our highly interactive seminars and workshops are tailored to your individual needs. We will focus these learning opportunities on your business your people and your customers.

Our goal with any opportunity we get to interact with clients is to make a difference, this means that some action must result from what we have shared this is why we are more than happy to provide one-on-one seminar follow up to

offer additional advice or answer any further questions- Knowledge + Action = Results.

Market Research and Analysis

Ray undertakes market research at all stages of the business life cycle. At the feasibility study stage to determine the potential market and viability of a project; during the growth stage to evaluate the main opportunities to grow the business; at the maturity stage to identify the most profitable strategies and at the decline stage to identify ways of reinvigorating the business.

Feasibility Studies

Ray has undertaken many feasibility studies for tourism related projects and has developed numerous templates and checklists to fast track the process and ensure that the key questions and answers are provided. He often works in a team with other consultants to ensure that the most qualified and project experienced people are engaged.

Strategic and Business Planning

Preparing the plan is a pre-requisite for success. The old adage ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ is still very true today. Ray works with small businesses as a Business Mentor to ensure that not only planning, but also continued analysis and evaluation takes place and profitability is retained and grows. Collection and analysis of data is critical if sound business decisions are to be made.

Business Speaking –

Be prepared to be entertained and informed when engaging two of New Zealand’s most passionate and enthusiastic business development experts for your next Management retreat, business conference, awards dinner or members meeting and capitalise on the value they will add.


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