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Programme Details- Exceeding Customers Expectations

Programme Uniqueness-

  • Includes our unique Development programme
  • Completely “hands on”
  • Stimulates & maximises creative thinking
  • Fast uptake of knowledge & skills
  • Enhances leadership skills & team work
  • Can be tailored as a public or in-house programme
  • A fun environment
  • Maximises the power of recognition & rewards
  • A passionate Facilitator committed to making a difference

Key Learning Objectives:-

  • Aligning the customer experience with financial performance
  • A comprehensive understanding of the 7 step customer experience strategy development process
  • Understanding leadership skills and culture required to gain total commitment
  • The importance of the right people in the right place
  • Alignment of the physical aspects of a business with a defined customer experience
  • Maximising professional & skill development opportunities
  • The importance of measurement & continual improvement
  • How to effectively grow customer loyalty & advocacy
  • Capitalising on all the creativity within the organisation
  • How small changes can have a big impact

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