Most Businesses Dont Do This

Has your organisation defined the experience it is committed to consistently deliver to your customers?

In my experience very few organisations can show me a defined customer experience statement that clearly outlines the experience customers are going to have every time they do business with that organisation.

What I do find is that when prompted I will get an individuals version and typically I find that most individuals’ versions are different.

Have you ever thought why levels of experience and service are so inconsistent? Yes you are right it’s because when you don’t have a single definition what you get is an individual’s interruption of their version.

The are two issues with this 1) Inconsistent customer experiences don’t grow customer loyalty and customer recommendation 2) Doing business with your organisation for many of your customers is dependent on being served by the individual that does consistently deliver a good quality experience and if they are not available you are just as likely to do business with a competitor.

If your organisation is interested in taking this vital step in the development purchase viagra online of your customer experience strategy here are three tips.

1) When defining your customer experience ensure it is done by representatives from every area of your organisation.

2) Ensure your customer experience is defined from the only perspective that matters, your customers.

3) Once you have your definition and it has total commitment from everyone involved with your organisation make sure it starts every meeting to ensure everything you do is focused on consistently delivering your defined customer experience or better.

Gaining commitment to a customer experience strategy and ensuring total engagement happens is the result of this statement – “your people support what they create”. Your people develop the strategy with management. This approach ensures not only support and commitment but the on-going development of the experience to ensure it continues to surprise, excite and add real customer value, resulting in greater customer loyalty and advocacy.


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