Business Understands the Importance of Service

It has been talked about consistently since the mid to late eighties to the extent that not only is business sick of hearing about it but most ignore the subject these days, This according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a business that specialises customer experience design and development.

Business understands the importance of customer service and is fully aware of the impact poor customer service has on the bottom line. What business is not seeing is effective ways to address this vital area of business and good examples of where it is working.

Bell said his organisation grew out of “first hand experience” that front-line customer service training workshops were no longer a cost effective way of trying to improve customer service levels and as a result now provides business with a totally different approach that address all the challenges business has in this area not just customer service skill development.

This unique approach takes a leaf out of our own book and approaches the issue from the client’s perspective by understand all the challenges an organisation has including employing the right people, understanding customer’s expectations and creating the right culture across the organisation.

We are very much aware that not only does business know the importance of great customer service, they are even more aware of the positive impact it has on sales and profitability as a result of increased loyalty, advocacy, and employee engagement that directly results in higher productivity.

Service is the new sales. Service is the new marketing. As the world automates, products will become more and more the same. Service is how business will differentiate in the market. Service is how you will make the next sale.


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  1. Everyone slouhd always be looking to collect with a smile on their face. Collections is all about attitude.You’re not going to get anywhere if you sound bored or grumpy.If you can do that then you are half way there to collecting cash with customer service in mind.Sean

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