Business is slowly waking up….

Some organisations are starting to improve their customer focus and look for more creative ways to add greater value to what they offer customers, but many still have a long way to go if the goal of consistently exceeding customer expectations is reached.

Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in the development of high quality customer experiences said it was not rocket science especially in the present tough economy.

Bell said it can be more difficult to motivate people to step it up a notch when business is slow, that’s where the experience of someone that has a good knowledge of a customer experience strategy and the leadership skills to change attitudes and over time the business culture, come into their own.

Bell has developed a successful customer experience formula that shows the importance of working on the internal experience before developing the customer experience.

The Customer Experience Formula is what our new development programme CED is based on said Bell.

Customer Experience Formula:-

Involvement = Engagement

Engagement = Commitment

Commitment = Loyalty

Loyalty = Increased productivity

Bell said disengaged front-line employees don’t deliver consistently high quality experiences. In a recent survey it is estimated 67 percent of employees go to work everyday, disengaged.

Unless this improves customers will continue to receive ordinary, annoying and in some cases frustrating customer experiences that will motivate them to look for other options and they will make sure others hear about the experience.

The key is total involvement in the development of a customer experience strategy, WHY, because everyone plays a role in what is eventually delivered at the front counter.

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