Business Has a Choice sameness or…

The sooner business starts thinking in customer experience terms the more profitable they will be. The quality of the experiences a business delivers will dictate the future behaviour of customers, not just their future buying behaviour but the influence their comments about your customer experience will have on the buying behaviour of others.

Business does have a choice and that choice is even more important in today’s highly competitive market according to Chris Bell Managing Director of Customer Experiences a company that specialises in the development of high quality customer experience.

Bell said the choice is simple. A business can continue to deliver an inconsistent customer experience, one that is not very different from a competitor and at best, results in a satisfied customer. Or, can make the commitment to put in place a customer experience strategy that will become a sustainable competitive advantage.

Bell said that although the choice is simple, a recent survey found that only 13 percent of respondents knew how to develop and implement such a strategy.

This expertise and knowledge is now available to New Zealand business via a unique customer experience development programme (CED) just released by Customer Experiences.

Bell said CED was designed to give a customer experience leader within an organisation not only the skills but on-going support as they work through key parts of the strategy.

Business is starting to understand that the “quick fix” approaches in the customer service area of a business doesn’t work and in many cases cause even greater frustration for both front-line employees as well as customers.

The focus for business today must be to ensure that the choice made by front-line employees regarding the quality of experience they will deliver is the right one and that doesn’t happen just by telling people to smile or be more helpful. It will only happen when those people are a part of a culture that is totally focused on them and their customers.