Benefits- of a Sustainable Competitive advantage

a) A lack of a sustainable competitive advantage-

• Competitors copy their ideas

• Nothing to stands them out from the crowd

• Nothing to peg their marketing too

• Nothing that adds value

• Price becomes the focus

• Margins impacted

Your Customer Experience strategy can be your sustainable competitive advantage. – Leadership, Culture and your people are key to your customer experience stratetgy. These are difficult to copy, almost everything else can and will be copied if your competitors see you gaining market share.

Benefits- of a Sustainable Competitive advantage

• Difficult to rip off- Leadership, Culture and your people

• A safe investment – Because its difficult to copy

• Long term- It keeps improving and developing – “The Generator”

• Team involvement- Because everyone has an impact on the experience, everyone must be involved with its development

• Reduces cost – Staff turnover, skill development, relationship building, marketing, complaints,

• Increases margins- takes the focus off price, adds value

• Attracts the right people – motivated, inspiring and supportive leadership is attractive. Happy loyal customers are a pleasure to work with, engaged people are great to work with. Money is secondary. Your people must be experiencing the same as what you are asking them to deliver to your customers.

• Requires a total customer focus – everything is viewed from the customer’s perspective. All value added ideas come from the customers perspective

• Builds internal and customer loyalty- Greater employee engagement, commitment, responsibility. Repeat business

• Increases word of mouth