More Than Just a Beautiful Country………

What if New Zealand was to gain a reputation of being more than just a beautiful country? What if it became known as not only a beautiful country but a beautiful country that also delivered a consistent, high quality visitor experience- an experience that exceeds visitors’ expectations.

In an increasingly competitive tourism market destinations must be thinking of ways to add greater visitor value if they are to benefit from today’s most powerful marketing, word of mouth recommendations.

As a small tourist destination New Zealand has a unique opportunity to add greater visitor value via the consistency and quality of the experiences visitors have during their visit.

Unfortunately, currently many of those experiences are not consistent, are not developing and in many cases are only just meeting visitor expectations at best.

To fully capitalise on the marketing dollars New Zealand spends we must exceed visitors’ expectations by consistently delivering value added experiences right across a visitor’s time in the country. That’s right- from the time a visitor boards their Air NZ flight through to catching up with friends when they arrive home and raving and recommending. Customers only rave and recommend when their expectations have been exceeded.

Complacency is the number one area that impacts on business development. When businesses view and evaluate their customer experience performance from the “inside” or collect but take little notice of customer data you can almost guarantee there will challenges further down the track.

The tourist industry in this country has a unique opportunity and that is to unite around the Tourism 2025 strategy and for individual businesses to invest in the on-going development of their visitor experience.


Chris Bell is the Managing Director of Customer Experiences, a company committed to building successful businesses through the development of high quality customer experiences and co-founder of cemNZ  mb027 2792360