A Vital Business Collaboration Now Available……

Thinking that smart marketing laced with sharply discounted deals will replace disgruntled customers is no longer a sustainable business strategy in this tough economic environment.

This according Dr Ian Brooks, Chris Bell and Paul Linnell three of New Zealand’s leading experts in customer care and customer experience management.

To help business grow in these challenging times these three exponents of customer excellence have just launched Customer Experience Management NZ (cemNZ) www.customerexperience.co.nz an organisation dedicated to promoting, encouraging and supporting excellence in customer care.

Business is starting to realise that in a world of excess, uniformity and repetition, people buy experiences, not products or services, says Brooks, spokesman for cemNZ. When people feel good about a customer experience, they will not only return, they will tell their friends. And that’s the best way to grow your business

To turn a financial transaction into a rewarding experience, businesses have to be creative and they have to be fully committed to seeing the world through their customers eyes, adds co-founder Chris Bell. Customer Experience Management NZ provides a one stop shop where businesses can get access to the latest information, industry experts and practitioners simply on to the cemNZ site. Membership is free.

Co-founder, Paul Linnell believes the whole economy will benefit if individual businesses take advantage of this resource. Consequently, Linnell expects both business and industry associations will endorse cemNZ and encourage their members to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Business is tough but not complicated, says Brooks. Those who make it about the customer profit and those who don’t fall by the wayside and usually blame the tough economy for their failure.


For further information contact chris@customerexperiences.co.nz www.customerexperience.co.nz mb 027 2792360