6 Powerful Reasons

6 Powerful Reasons Why the Focus Must Be On Your Team & Customer Experience Strategy

  1. We have a More Powerful Customer with an increasingly powerful voice-due to the huge amount of choice and social media and that power is only going to increase.

  2. The Decline in Customer Loyalty – due to the fact that we are not having many great customer service experiences.

  3. Increasing Commoditisation – we are in an environment of copiers and followers. We call it the “world of sameness”.

  4. Highly competitive environment- the only way we can think of to try and get a customer through the door is by using price as the incentive.

  5. Fewer Competitive Advantages – the development of your unique customer experience will result in a sustainable competitive advantage, in a world where sustainable competitive advantages are rare.

  6. Less customer recommendations- customers don’t recommend businesses that just meet their expectations (satisfied) and at best that’s as good as it gets for most. Customer recommendation is now the most powerful form of advertising.