4 Customer Experience Lessons-


1) Your people want to deliver great customer experiences. Don’t hold them back. Empower, motivate and reward great performance and your customers will reward you with greater loyalty and advocacy

2) When things are going well in business we rarely make changes. Don’t wait until your competitors’ are gaining market share. Remember a customer experience development process is a never ending journey. That’s how you stay out in front.

3) Don’t follow the crowd. Today’s market is full of copiers and followers the result is a world of sameness’. Your people are innovative and creative. Capitalise on that unique competitive advantage by creating a culture that encourages that kind of thinking.

4) When things get tough start thinking about how you can add even greater customer value. Remember to focus on “value added” from the customers perspective it not about what you think it’s all about what they think of the value you add.

Chris Bell www.customerexperiences.co.nz