Why Develop a Customer Experience Strategy?


Key Actions Outcomes Business Benefits

Financial Benefits

1) A Leadership committed to a long-term strategic approach to a customer experience • An employee & customer centric culture • Greater employee engagement

• A reduction in staff turnover

• Reduced recruitment costs

• The ability to attract the right people • Increased Productivity

• Retain expertise

• Reduced recruitment costs

• Saves time/money

2) Right people in the right seats • Motivated people committed to playing their role in a continually improving customer experience • Increased productivity

• A more dynamic environment

• A better team environment • Growth/Profitability/Less cost

• Fresh & innovative ideas

• Reduced recruitment costs

• Better people/experience fit


3) Getting the priority right-

Your people are number one your customers number two • Your employee experience will be aligned to your customer experience. • involvement = greater engagement

• engagement = greater commitment

• commitment = greater loyalty

• loyalty = greater productivity • Greater productivity = growth

Profitability & cost reductions

4) A defined customer experience • The consistent delivery of a clearly defined customer experience that is the result of input from every part of the organisation • Consistency leads to customer loyalty

• Increased customer recommendation

• Greater employee commitment • Repeat purchase value

• Incremental value

• Strategic value

• Advocacy value

5) Skill development support to ensure a consistent customer experience performance • A programme of skill development opportunities that are directly linked to an organisations vision, defined customer experience, touch points, service standards and measurement systems • Greater employee loyalty

• A greater commitment to individual professional development

• Reduced customer churn

• Less customer complaints & negative word of mouth

• Stronger customer/business relationships • Higher engagement

• Increased expertise

• Growth/Profitability

• Reduced recruitment costs

• Increased customer loyalty

6) Capitalising on your creativity • The ability to capitalise all the creativity that exists within an organisation is one of today’s greatest competitive advantages • A total customer focus

• A continually improving customer experience

• The ability to involve and recognise everyone

• The ability to increase loyalty

• Increased employee engagement

• A sustainable competitive advantage


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