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Next CX Seminar: Waikato Chamber of Commerce

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Creating memorable experiences that customers can’t help telling others about”

Workshops, Seminars & Speaking Topics

We understand that every business is unique. Our in-house programs are tailored for that uniqueness.

Exceeding Customers Expectations- Workshop

This unique Customer Experience Development workshop will impart the knowledge, understanding and programme to enable delegates to develop a quality, consistently delivered customer experience that competitors’ will find difficult to copy and customers returning for more…

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Front-Line Skill Development Workshops

Our highly interactive skill development programs are based around your organisation’s vision, defined customer experience and measurable service standards.

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Capitalise on your Teams Innovative & Creative Ideas

Are you tapping into your greatest competitive advantage… the innovation and creativity that exists within your organisation? creating a culture of creativity will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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Chris Bell- Key Note Business Speaker

Embrace a customer experience strategy that will be used to create and grow a sustainable competitive advantage, in a world where competitive advantages are copied everyday.

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Increase Sales & Conversion Rates
Want to Increase Sales?

The days of one size fits all are well and truly over. Today’s more marketing savvy customer is looking for businesses that focus and find solutions that fit their individual needs. Our unique sales development program is focused on the total experience a customer has with your organisation including the quality and consistency of your service and the relationships your people build that lead to increased loyalty and word of mouth recommendations.

Maximise Team Focus & Productivity
Desire More From Your Team?

Maximising team engagement and productivity are just two of the outcomes of our unique approach to developing a team and customer focused business culture. Our programs are based on this fact:- “Your people support what they create” Let us work with your team to develop a team and customer service experience that increases their loyalty and as a result maximises the return on your investment in their professional development.

Grow Customers into Loyal Raving Fans
How Loyal Are Your Customers?

Consistent quality service experiences grow real customer loyalty especially in the current market where employee and customer loyalty is on the decline.

Customer loyalty is all about developing quality relationships with your customers. Using gimmicks like Fly Buys and Coffee Cards is not the way to grow long-term loyalty. Your competitors will always find yet another gimmick up their sleeve to entice your customers back to them.

Deliver Experiences that Exceed Expectations
Want to Increase Sales & Experience?

Exceptional service is harder to achieve than ever before. Current research shows that customers expect better service from the companies they deal with yet overwhelmingly believe they are getting service that is no better, or even worse. Talk to us about how we can establish your customer service experience as your sustainable competitive advantage one your competitors’ will find difficult to copy.

Our Formula Customer Experiences focuses on working with businesses that are seriously committed to the on-going development of the experience they offer their people and customers. As part of this commitment we would like to share with you our business success formula. Adopt this strategic business approach and reap the rewards of business excellence Read More