1% Club Great Customer Experience Companies


The exclusive 1% Club is our way of celebrating and rewarding those forward thinking organisation’s who consistently deliver great customer experiences by holding them up as fantastic examples of what is possible when you have the right leadership and business culture in place.

We are talking about businesses that have a real focus on their people,  providing them with all the resources they need to perform and as a result allowing front line teams to do their very best for each and every customer, every time.

The 1% Club

The name has come from the fact that there are only a small percentage of New Zealand organisations out there that would meet our membership criteria hence- 1%.

Current Members are:
Sucklings Shoe Store
3G Teak
Computer Food NZ
Real Journeys

Membership Benefits

Once a business has passed our evaluation process they will be invited to join. Benefits of membership will include:-

Promotional space on our website
Featured in our monthly newsletter
Mentioned in our relevant media articles
Highlighted in our presentations & seminars
Given exposure by us at every opportunity

Is your organisation a candidate to benefit from the exposure members of this club will receive or do you know a business that is delivering you as a customer a consistently high quality customer experience that you would like to see benefit as a member.

We are ALL customers and the cold hard facts are that we are NOT having many great customer experiences. So, the 1% Club is a win/win. Businesses that adopt and develop a Customer Experience strategy will win through increased growth and profitability and customers will win by having more interesting, exciting and surprising experiences that add real value. Our goal is to be able to say goodbye to what we call “the world of sameness” which currently exists in today’s market place.

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